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Now the intrigue is thickening daily in a deadly counterpoint of bombings and political murder.But the anti-Government violence appears to have led directly to a series of abductions of prominent critics of the Government of Chief Leabua Jo nathan, an obese and canny tribal leader who seems gradually to be losing the gr ip on power that he has held over the 1.3 million Basothos, as the country's inhabitants are called, since independence15 years ago.Of the five people abducted in the past week, three have so far been found dead. This video appeared on You Tube last week and it’s pretty damn weird.It shows a gentleman, stark bollock naked, wandering around in traffic and then hopping on the bonnet of somebody’s car. The video was posted to You Tube by somebody only known as “Michelle” (she does have one other video and a playlist, so it’s probably not a full Shelly Garland if that’s what you’re thinking).In the heart of Palermo, in lovely Piazza Pretoria, this fountain lays in the middle of two churches, Santa Caterina and San Giuseppe dei Teatini Church.