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We're still together 13 years later and have four kids. I find I have the same problem with meeting people now. My eldest is now eight, and yet in spite of her having been through nursery and school here I only really ever got to know one other mother. One thing I've been working on with my keyworker is the getting to know people thing.

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Using variables in Photoshop is akin to using layer comps.The major different is that when you use variables you are retrieving the data from a data source instead of just turning layers on and off.Photoshop can use layer names as variable placeholders.Then, these placeholders can be "filled" with data from a data source which could be a simple text file.For example, the Last Page Number variable displays the page number of the last page of the document.If you add or remove pages, the variable is updated [email protected], Some information would appear multiple times throughout, but most data would only appear once.The Illustrator requirement comes from above my pay grade, but I would like to make it In Design compatible too.

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This is akin to what is done when binding data to a database using server-side technologies (i.e., Cold Fusion, etc.).

Hey Everyone, I have a text Field in my scene named current Score.

Every time the player shoots an enemy, I update this field to show the new score. When I start the game: current = "Score: " score; and the text field shows "Score: 0"; When an enemy is killed: current = "Score: " score; and the text field shows "Score: "; I have also tried: current = "Score: " String(); and current = "Score: " String(score); with no success Score will automatically be converted into a string. I think you'd need to post your code for me to help you fully. I come from the Flex Builder side of Flash/ AS3 you see.

I'm developing a template for my team's daily production needs, and every product must have certain consistent marginalia on it, such as date, product ID, title, subtitle, etc.

Currently, this information is manually entered into an In Design or Illustrator template, and the template is different depending on the product type.