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Constitutionality of mandating flu shots mali dating

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Findings from the study are published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.In 2013, a survey of infection prevention specialists on their hospitals' flu vaccine policies was carried out by the University of Michigan and VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.Lets force them to public their vaccination records and request a look into it every time doctor practice or CDC/FDA office is visited. Tom Duane, a NYS Senator from Manhattan, is proposing legislation in early 2011 to force all health care workers in NYS to be vaccinated for influenza on a yearly basis. I count on the NVIC's support in opposing mandatory vaccines for health care workers. Please show that healthcare workers are being fired only for refusing the vaccine.Although I do not know every hospital's policy, it seems that the recommendations are to get vaccinated or to wear masks when interacting with patients.The Supreme Court rulings on mandatory vaccinations have used the "arbitrary or oppressive" standard to effectively set a minimum level of civil liberty protections.States wishing to grant a greater level of civil liberty protections.According to Commissioner Daines, low vaccination rates can lead to "institutional outbreaks . State Statutes Promoting Vaccination of Health Care Workers The H1N1 outbreak and resulting need to protect the public prompted many states to implement policies designed to promote health care worker vaccination.

This is in violation of human rights, and is also in violation of the Patient Bill of Rights that gives all patients the right to refuse a medical procedure.Research and other publicly acquired information now shows why: hospital systems are REQUIRED to have a 90% or higher flu shot reception rate among their staff, or they lose up to 2% of their funding of Medicare/Medicaid (While the government itself does not require mandatory vaccination policies, many if not all employers, are taking an "all or nothing" stance against their workers.I think, the next should be the families of all related to medical profession/CDC/FDA, so that they can observe on their own children/spouses/parents/grandparents the effects of massive and regular vaccination.Maybe this would make the medical profession to wake up and oppose.One way to balance these competing concerns would be to offer exceptions for medical contraindication and religious belief when possible, but allow public health officials to disallow exceptions when necessary.